1. Choose and click on year (see drop-down menu)
  2. Click on link of the sermon you’d like to hear.
  3. If you have a Dropbox account you can immediately listen to the sermon after clicking the link*. If you don’t have an account with them, a pop-up window will appear to give you the following options:
    1. create a free account (if you would like to)
    2. sign in to Dropbox (if you already have an account with them)
    3. click on No thanks, continue to view(if you prefer not to create an account with them)
  4. Enjoy the sermon! And, why not join us for one of our live Family Worship services? We meet on Sundays 10:30 am in Gorey (see contact page).

*If you have an iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet, you might get the error message that .mp3 files can’t be previewed. If you already downloaded the Dropbox app and are signed in, just click on the Open in app icon. If you do not have the Dropbox app on your phone or tablet, please download it and sign in (you will have to create a free account with them first, though)