Meet the team

Vincent Quinlan (Pastor);

“I am married to Grace with two grown up children.  I worked as a chef for 33 years in many different countries. While working as a chef in Co. Claire for 24 years, I also preached and taught God’s word while serving as a elder in Ennis Evangelical Church. In 2010 my job as a head chef got very busy as the restaurant I worked in expanded.  This caused me to give up a lot of my church work. After praying to the Lord, the Lord led me to give up my job as head chef and go to work for the church full time. in 2012, we sold our house and up-rooted our teenage children and moved to Gorey to serve in Calvary Church. In 2018, I became the pastor of the church. We love the town of Gorey and enjoy it’s community.  I am a member of Gorey Tennis club. I look forward to welcoming you to Calvary Church.”

Michael Breen (Retired Pastor and now Elder);

“I am a native of County Wexford and took hotel management as a career.  I ran my own restaurant for a number of years with my wife Bernie. I have four grown up children. After a conversion experience in the 1980’s I became involved and helped with the establishment of Wexford Bible Fellowship.  I felt called to full time ministry and as a result I went to bible college for a year and became pastor of the Wexford Church in the 1990’s.  A number of people from Gorey were attending the church in Wexford and as a result a bible study was started in the town of Gorey. After a certain number of years and as the bible study grew, the next stage was to start a church in Gorey. With the help of my wife Bernie we committed ourselves to the full time work of the gospel and Calvary Church Gorey was born in 2008. In 2012 Vincent Quinlan joined the church as assistant pastor with his wife Grace. In 2018, I stepped down as Pastor and am now an elder in the church. I love preaching and evangelising and long to see God’s kingdom grow in my native county. I also enjoy travelling in my camper van.”