About Us

you make all things

We began as a daughter church of Calvary Church Wexford, which started to expand as people from different parts of the county came to worship together in Wexford. The church in Wexford had a vision to plant other churches in the county, and when a few people from the Gorey area had the desire to hold meetings in their home town, a Bible study group was formed. After a number of years, this group started to grow and so did the desire for something bigger. So with the help of the leadership from the Church in Wexford, Calvary Church Gorey was born.

We are an evangelical church, which simply means we are a church with a message. We believe this message can change people’s lives as it did our own. We are ordinary people from different backgrounds struggling with the trials and stresses of life who have found hope and strength in the Gospel. Our aim is to love God and each other. We are committed to His plan of creating a new community of people through the Gospel.


Contact details; Vincent Quinlan: 0857840474. Michael Breen; 0864021407